Peacock Earrings, Blue Mirror Acrylic Dangles, Handmade

    Peacock Earrings, Blue Mirror Acrylic Dangles, Handmade


    Acrylic is very lightweight so you can enjoy large, statement earrings comfortably all day.

    • Made with blue mirror acrylic.
    • Please note - the back of mirror acrylic is grey to allow for engraving
    • Size: Approximately 2.25 inches in length measured from earring hook
    • Earring hook is made from surgical stainless steel Care Instructions:
    • To clean: Wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust
    • Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions as these can react with acrylic and cause discoloration in some cases. We recommend putting on your earrings after getting ready
    • Although acrylic jewelry is durable, it is still a delicate material. We recommend storing them on a jewelry stand or box when not in use.
    • Avoid wearing or submerging in water, please don't shower in them!
    • We also recommend not sleeping with your earrings on