The Less Bitter More Glitter shop is on a mission to empower women through a fantastic selection of happy gifts. The everyday stressors of the world are heavy enough… Celebrating the magic of every day and special occasions is our jam and we’re here to make it easier to connect amazing people to gifts + goods that make hearts happy. Through our lovingly curated selection of stationary, home goods, gifts and accessories, Less Bitter More Glitter is here to be your one stop happy shop and help everyone bring more color into everyday life.

Hey, I’m Meg and I am so pleased to meet you!

I am a life and business coach for creatives at Your Coach Meg and many consider me to be like the love child of Lisa Frank and Ted Lasso. I am based out of St Louis, Missouri and I am 100% all about everything that is colorful, quirky, whimsical, encouraging, and ultimately, FUN!

My greatest loves are my honey, our five kids, grandbaby, and two deaf great danes, as well as live concerts and theater, themed parties, exploring creativity & art, shopping small and local, travel, and creating brave, fun, safe and authentic spaces for women to thrive through (Cue Confetti Club!)

Giving and receiving gifts is my love language, for sure. That, coupled with my extensive retail buying and management background, made this LBMG adventure a top priority for me to bring it to life. Not much makes me squeal with delight more than to connect people to the products, services, and insight they need to make their heart sing and thrive intentionally in every space they find themselves in. Pinch me please, because I get to do that all day long as a coach and owner of this fun shop.

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get in the glitter groove @lessbittermoreglitter.shop